For the second year, actor Michael B. Jordan and flavored bottled water company Propel aim to bridge the gap between resources and access for people striving to regain control of their health.

Last year in partnership with Propel, Jordan used his influence and Propel’s funds to equip the WalkGood LA studio — a space for yoga enthusiasts of all levels — with the resources needed to establish its presence in the health and wellness industry.

“We were looking for different organizations in LA, wanted to kick it off in Los Angeles, and open up their first physical space, The WalkGood Yard. This space enabled [WalkGood LA] to expand their programs and classes in a central location, providing the facility and location to grow their brand and reach the community at large,” Jordan said in an interview with AFROTECH™. “This year, we’re creating spaces for other organizations. Instead of going to them, we’re opening under one roof, creating a rotating space for up to 16 organizations to come together and have a space to occupy.”

The Propel Your City Project will launch physical spaces where local fitness and wellness leaders will host free classes for the community, according to a press release. The spaces will be located in Newark, NJ, Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, and Los Angeles, where WalkGood LA got its start.

For Jordan, the project is a great example of what he believes the community and its relationship to health, wellness, and fitness should look like. Moreover, working with WalkGood LA’s Etienne Maurice, whose overall goal is to make health and wellness fun and accessible for the community, aligns with his vision.

Maurice started the organization alongside his sister, Ivy Maurice, and cousin, Marley Ralph, after organizing protests to fight for justice for Black Lives following the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor.

“We started during the movement and made it our mission to remind people that this is not just going to be a moment, this is a movement,” Maurice told AFROTECH™. “While we were reminding people to breathe, we were very conscious of the fact that there were people who could no longer breathe with us. So, how do we honor their lives through our programs? That was through health and wellness.”

Maurice admits that he was no yogi at the time, but he was setting up shop and putting together marketing assets to encourage others to join their movement.

Fast forward four years, and WalkGood LA can expand its mission thanks to another year in partnership with Jordan and Propel’s Propel Your City Project. With the project’s support, WalkGood LA will expand its fitness and health offerings beginning Aug. 3, 2024.


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“Michael’s brother, Khalid, came to the first WalkGood LA program, like the first protest that we ever had,” Maurice recalled. “And as fate would have it, he has been consistent in coming to WalkGood. Michael’s brother, his father, his sister, his mom, and his whole family have participated in a WalkGood event. When we found that he was part of this campaign, we were like, this only makes sense. It was literally the most divine sequence of events for this to all come into place. We are grateful. The beautiful thing about it is what we’ve learned about Michael is that he is a family person. We recognized very early on that we are both in the business of family. He saw the work that we do as a family and decided he wanted to support our movement.”

Jordan’s roles in the “Creed” franchise may have inspired his recent health journey, but what truly motivates him is his family’s commitment to maintaining their overall health.

“I’ve always been pretty naturally athletic. And I got by on that for a long time,” Jordan said. “Once I had a film or a project that I was like, ‘Oh s**t, okay, I’m going to be in the movie theater and this is going to be everywhere, let me really get into shape.’ It kind of transformed my body in a real way, physically. Health-wise, my mom has lupus, and I’ve always been a huge supporter of her. I think that is a real example for me of health and how important it is to take care of your body. I’ve always tried to eat healthily and stay fit. My mom has always been an example of strength and self-care for me, and that’s something I look forward to and strive to emulate.”

Additionally, Propel is encouraging exercisers across the nation to move as a collective by launching a $100,000 giveaway to support their fitness journeys — double the amount from 2023. Participants can win $500 toward a fitness membership of their choice by simply tagging a friend who motivates them to keep moving via the @PropelWater handle on Instagram.


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