To remain at the top of his game, health and wellness is a priority for Michael B. Jordan.

This arena has spilled into the “Creed” actor’s intersections in business. His most recent venture is co-founding MOSS, a “first-of-its-kind sea moss beverage” created alongside organic food company Dr Smood, according to information provided to AFROTECH.

Photo Credit: MOSS

Jordan says his goal with MOSS is to introduce healthy options that will make it more attainable for the masses to reach their wellness goals.

“Health and wellness are top priorities. If we don’t feel good, we can’t show up as our best, for ourselves or for each other,” Jordan shared with AFROTECH in a statement via email. “My goal with MOSS, and generally with doing businesses in the space, is to bring healthy living to more people, and to make it easy and enjoyable to put wellness first.”

Moss is debuting its product in three flavors — Pure, Pomegranate and Mango Ginger — which will be available nationwide. The drinks blend organic juices, botanical extracts, and herbs and feature ingredients including sea moss, ashwagandha, and ginseng.

Photo Credit: MOSS

Francesco Perillo, CEO of Dr Smood Group, shared in a statement:

“As co-founder as well as manufacturer of MOSS, our partnership with Michael B. Jordan not only allows us to offer a celebrated ingredient in a new, flavorful experience, but also demonstrates as well as amplifies how prioritizing wellness for people + planet, can be easy, enjoyable, and part of your every day routine.”

What’s more, apart from showcasing its newest offerings, MOSS is also emphasizing a commitment to safeguarding the ocean. This can be displayed through its plastic-free packaging. Additionally, MOSS has donated $25,000 to organizations actively working to protect the ocean and the communities that rely on it. The brand has already donated to Intersxtn Surf, Pacific Town Club, Tea Party for Black Girls, and Oceanic Global, with more to come.

Photo Credit: MOSS