Racism exists even in the metaverse — even in a new NFT collection — and it’s exhausting.

Vice reports that as the non-fungible token (NFT) cryptocurrency continues to grow and expand so does the number of racist collections. From NFTs depicting George Floyd deemed as “Floydies,” to more recently a project by the name of “Meta Slave” the collections continue to shock the masses. 

The new NFT collection features images of Black people and rather than apologizing following the backlash, the OpenSea platform has simply rebranded to have the collection include white, Asian, etc.” NFTs.

The creation was brewed up by a user that goes by the name of “Unipic” who operated under the now deactivated Twitter handle @UniqueFractal. 

Initially, the collection pledged its support to the Black Lives Matter movement and aimed to honor the late George Floyd, but the actual images associated with the project deem otherwise.

“Hi, there! We are glad to inform you that we have launched the first sales of NFT META SLAVE,” read the announcement of the project via Twitter. “This project was inspired by Black Lives Matter and also in honor of George Floyd.”

Sounds a little problematic, doesn’t it? Don’t worry — this NFT collection gets worse.

1. The NFT Collection Project

Within the same day, another update was posted to social media regarding the new collection.

“With this project, we want to show everyone that we will never forget the victims and suffering of our ancestors, we must remember history so that it does not happen again.”

Various NFTs were posted regarding the collection accompanied with names and phrases that included “Hard Work, Smile through pain, Plunge, Blood money, and Uncharted fate.”

Additionally, the account said that “everyone is a slave to something” during the initial launch.

2. The Response

While the project was not very successful, following the outrage OpenSea recounted the original, insensitive launch details and posted an apology.

“We apologize to those who have been offended by our project but we are here only with good intentions,” read the post. “Peace to all.”

Currently, the project has a Discord including five members and has only sold 4 NFTs to 2 addresses totaling $117.

The collection has since rebranded to the name META HUMAN.