Meek Mill is tired of missing out on the newest cryptocurrency trend so now he’s all in.

The Philadelphia rapper — who recently celebrated a birthday — is among the latest Hip Hop celebrities to buy into the cryptocurrency game as Dogecoin — the nicknamed meme-coin co-signed by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk — is currently surging on the market.

After witnessing how buzzy Dogecoin has become over the last few weeks, Meek Mill announced via social media that he was finally giving in with a $50,000 investment tweeting, “I just grabbed some doge I’m tired of missing out.”

He also shared his newest investment on his Instagram story with a caption that says, “I just grabbed some doge birds too much money moving for me lol.”


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The fate of many Dogecoin buyers could be in the hands of Musk this Saturday as the billionaire crypto enthusiast is set to make an appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Rumors are circulating that if Musk makes mention of the crypto-coin on air, prices will either surge or drop depending on his sentiments.

According to Forbes, Musk wrote on Twitter urging consumers to “invest with caution” when it comes to cryptocurrencies while also concluding that they are promising.

The outlet also shares as people continue to buy into the coin, it stands as the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency as its value soars to new record highs on the market.

This week, Forbes reported that the value of Dogecoin rose to an all-time high of 69 cents, and traders predict that as its value rises it can take “doge to the moon” and reach up to $1 a token.

Back in February, TMZ reported that Musk claimed that Dogecoin could be “the future of cryptocurrency” and emphasized that there’s a “good chance crypto is the future currency of Earth.”

Buyers like Mill will all have to play the waiting game to see how promising Dogecoin actually turns out to be.