If I got the hook up was a person, no doubt it’d be Master P.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, the rap mogul revealed that he was able to secure a $2.5 million endorsement deal for his son, Hercy Miller, in a contract that would make him the highest paid college basketball player in the nation.

However, considering the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) rules against allowing student-athletes to be paid for their name, image or likeness, Miller will have to wait until this summer for that to change in order to reap the benefits of his new deal.

“In August, the league is changing, the NCAA. You’ll be able to make money off your likeness [and] you’ll be able to do marketing deals,” Master P tells TMZ Sports. “I told Hercy he’ll probably be the highest paid college player in college basketball history if he do this deal. Guys that are going to the G League, they’re not even getting that type of money.”

According to REVOLT, last November the NCAA announced a series of proposals that would finally allow college athletes to make money off of their athletic reputations.

In spite of this, a clause within these proposals will still allow schools to prevent athletes from acquiring deals that conflict with any existing contracts colleges may have in place.

This past March, Hercy — a top high school hooper — announced that he’s committed to attending Tennessee State University, opting out of Division I college programs like Louisiana State University, Vanderbilt, University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California in favor of his family’s Historically Black College and University (HBCU) values.

“I feel like if I go to an HBCU, I can put a spotlight on for all the HBCUs around so that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a change. I want to make a difference,” he previously told TMZ Sports. “I’m the type of person, I want to be a leader. I want to lead my people. I feel like going to Tennessee State University, I can be part of community and be a player at the same time.”

According to Master P, he believes the new NCAA rule will be a “game changer,” and suggested  that “it’s going to make kids want to stay in college too.”

Master P isn’t only making major moves in his children’s lives, he’s also hoping to impact the lives of others as well. We previously reported that the serial entrepreneur expressed plans to own an HBCU.

“This message is all about educating our people. Anybody that’s listening to this and has a business, I want y’all to join this movement with me,” he shared in an Instagram video. “We need to make sure our kids get educated the way other cultures are educated.”


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