Though his time on the top of the charts was nothing if not brief, Master P proved that he was much more than the one hit that thrust him into the mainstream.

The legendary rapper and entrepreneur is now making history with the announcement of Trion SuperCars, which is being dubbed “the first Black-owned supercar manufacturer in America,” reports rolling out. As Master P often involves his children in his ventures, this time is no different. Romeo “Lil’ Romeo” Miller, is joining the No Limit capo on the Trion SuperCars venture.


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However, the true ace in the hole for this venture is with Trion CEO Richard Patterson, who is joining the Millers and their business partner, James Lindsay, on the executive board.

Patterson’s name may not ring any bells in the mainstream, but his name carries serious weight in the supercar industry: he’s a former Tesla engineer who designed the Model S car from scratch. Patterson also created the landing gear for Boeing 777 and the folding seat in the Dodge Minivan.

“Richard Patterson is a genius,” Master P said in a statement, according to rolling out. “He has created the blueprint for the next era of supercars. It’s time for us to change the narrative for our culture by offering economic empowerment with this partnership. This is history. We have come a long way to be a part of innovative technology, manufacturing and producing our own automobiles. In addition to the high-end line of models, we will be producing a line of affordable luxury vehicles. With the advanced technology that Trion has developed, we are poised to bring this unique product to the mass market.”

The Nemesis RR, designed by Patterson, will be the first offering from Trion SuperCars. It’s unclear when it will make its debut, however.