When speaking about the definition of multi-faceted, you have to put respect on Masego’s name. From trailblazing in his own musical lane to being able to smoothly switch from singing to playing the saxophone in a split second, there’s no box to contain his talent.

With his upcoming endeavors, the musician is proving that “What can’t Masego do?” is merely a rhetorical question.

Masego's Official Entry Into Web3

As previously reported by AfroTech, Masego dropped his debut NFT collection on OneOf for his certified Platinum record “Tadow” with FKJ.

“I think it was good because when it comes to Web3 and crypto, I just want people to participate,” Masego told AfroTech exclusively about the rewarding aftermath of dropping his Tadow NFT. “I want them to let this be an introduction to educating themselves in how they’d like to be involved in it.”

Breaking Further Into Tech

Less than two months after the release, he has now also shared that he plans to take even more steps into tech. But first, he wants to ensure that he’s stacked on knowledge of the space. After leaving Old Dominion University to get his music career up and running, the Virginia native is making a new transition to expand his own education.

“Honestly, the first thing that I want to do is become a better leader. So, I’m going back to business school and I’m seeking more consultations from my business friends,” he told AfroTech. “Just making sure that I’m educated on how to lead people properly in this tech space.”

He continued: “Second, I have a lot of community things that I want to do with musicians, creatives, people that love art, and how to unify us and hear what we want. A lot of people I’ve interviewed want to get more financial freedom, a sense of belonging and community, and others just want to find ways to get better experiences with art and a better interface between artists and fans. The foundation of it all is me trying to be better.”