Musician and creator collaborations continue to reign supreme over at Breakr!

The music marketing platform has seen tremendous growth over a short period, and now it’s leading to more success for the company.

On July 20, Breakr — founded by Ameer Brown, Anthony Brown, Rotimi Omosheyin and Daniel Ware — announced that it raised $4.2 million in its latest seed funding round led by Slow Ventures in a press release.

The round was held in an effort to meet its high demand for creator monetization tools and digital music promotion solutions.

“Independent artists have more opportunities than ever to break through, but those opportunities have required busywork that should’ve been solved already,” said Breakr co-founder and CEO, Tony Brown, in an official news release shared with AfroTech. “Problem 1? Spending all day messaging to try and get your song heard. TikTok influencers have been pushing songs to the top of the charts, and with the shift to Twitch and Instagram Live DJ sets during the pandemic, we knew the world needed a solution.”

Thanks to the latest funding round, Breakr will staff out its business development, engineering, and product teams to prepare for the platform’s increase in demand.

“Creators are increasingly at the forefront of the brand and content discovery for the consumers,” said Will Quist of Slow Ventures. “Building tools to help creators manage and monetize is one of the most exciting opportunities in media today. Breakr is in a great position to build tools and services that not only add value to the creators’ lives but also anyone looking for distribution. We jumped at the chance to lead the round and are very excited about the role Breakr can play in the music industry and beyond.”

The round was supported by a variety of movers and shakers in the creative industries and beyond that include Nas, TIME Ventures, RGA Ventures/Coalition, Baron Davis, Lightspeed Venture, and more.

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