Holidays and major events all introduce the need for traveling and recreational fun. With planning happening in group chats across the globe, all good planning must include organizing the trips’ logistics.

Traveling and lodging are mandatory, but they don’t have to be cumbersome. Marriott is stepping up with its technological offerings to ensure patrons can easily book and enjoy their stays. Global Chief Technology Officer at Marriott International, Naveen Manga is confident in the future direction of Marriott’s technology and its impact on its consumer base.

The global lodging provider is creating innovative solutions for its consumers and establishing itself as a workplace of choice, leading the way in the future of travel.

“At Marriott, we have made a concerted effort to identify opportunities to address pain points and delight customers across all experiences via technology innovation. The impact of these technologies vary across the target personas,” Manga described.

A part of its offerings is the Marriott International Bonvoy app. The mobile app allows its users seamless access to the check-in process, mobile room keys and requests from the convenience of a smartphone. From the time your plans are established, Marriott has customized options and features that bring out the best of anyone’s lodging experience.

In addition to its cutting-edge technology in the app, Marriott is leveraging technology to offer services and products like virtual reality tours of its properties, chatbots and virtual assistants to provide technical assistance, smart room technology to customize user experiences, and digital payment solutions that allow transactions to be made through the app or other digital platforms.

“Marriott is known for incorporating various technological advancements to enhance guest experiences, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency in the hospitality industry. Putting the customer at the center of everything we do, Marriott leverages technology to provide value to our guests, on-property associates, and partner owners across all parts of the customer experience, from book to stay to post-stay,” Manga explained.

Similar innovation is available for those who need to handle business while on the road. Whether for an off-campus office retreat or a conference, Marriott’s meeting technology offers solutions for virtual and in-person meetings. From expansive Wi-Fi to big screens, people can connect with individuals all over the globe to meet their business needs.

“Our mission in Global Technology is to build products and services that our customers love – whether that customer is our guest, our associate or our owner and franchisee. It’s not just about searching and finding a location and a room anymore,” Manga explained. “We need to provide an integrated total customer experience which allows a traveler to plan for, reserve and enjoy all aspects of the stay, including non-room items such as food, spa, lounge access, as well as off-property excursion opportunities.”

As it relates to bringing all Marriott’s work full circle, Manga added “I’m excited about leading the transformation to realize this composable architecture and revolutionary patent-pending platform ecosystem. Completing this effort will enable Marriott to create a seamless customer travel end-to-end journey, strengthen the core hotel business and expand new travel offerings to drive customer and hotel owner preference for the company’s brands.” 

It is evident by Marriott International’s intentional investment in technology and resources that the group is committed to realizing a future of travel that goes beyond what people have envisioned.

And while people all over may be tapping in with Marriott to secure a place for their next adventure, the international brand has space for you to be a part of its leading-edge work.

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