Maybe this is why they call him Big L’y.

In 1984, legendary entertainer LL COOL J began creating demo tapes from his grandparent’s home.

Now, nearly 40 years later, not only is he considered a Hip-Hop pioneer, but he has also planted the seeds to ensure that he leaves behind a massive legacy.

LL Cool J On Ownership

From music to acting, the rapper — born James Todd Smith — has remained a household name thanks to his work as a creative.

However, his business mindset is something worth celebrating as well.

“I own my masters,” LL COOL J explained during an appearance on “Sway’s Universe,” noting that he has owned the exclusive rights to every single album of his for more than two decades.

He added, “I’ve owned them for 20-something years. So when you hear ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ in a movie and stuff like that, like, I’ve licensed those songs…I own all them joints.”

Rap Pioneer

As one of the first rappers to reach mainstream success, it is only right that the Queens native has full authority over all 13 of his studio albums.

His “Hey Lover” music video was one of the first Hip-Hop visuals to be featured on VH1. The move made him just as influential as those who solidified New York’s powerhouse presence in Hip-Hop.

As AfroTech previously shared, LL COOL J opened up about how pioneers like himself who’ve paved the way for Hip-Hop are partly responsible for the fact that it is now considered to be a billion-dollar industry.


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LL Cool J's Net Worth

Today, Celebrity Net Worth reports that LL COOL J is worth an estimated $120 million.