Georgia’s Senate runoffs pulled out a historic win for Democrats this week, giving them majority control of the Senate in a dramatic shift of power.

Following the results of Tuesday’s election, GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler — who’s also co-owner of WNBA’s Atlanta Dream — lost her Georgia Senate seat to Rev. Raphael Warnock.

According to Bleacher Report, Loeffler’s stake in the WNBA team is potentially up for grabs, and so NBA legend LeBron James has come forward and expressed his interest in buying her shares to put together an ownership group.

James announced his declaration via social media and even chose a photo of players wearing shirts that said “Vote Warnock” to emphasize his point.

In July of last year, the Atlanta Dream proudly endorsed Rev. Raphael Warnock, according to BET, who turned out to be the projected winner for the Georgia Senate race.

According to Bleacher Report, James was extremely vocal in using his platform to speak out on political issues and has been an avid supporter of the WNBA.

In addition to raising awareness about social issues and advocating about injustice, James has also helped form a voting rights group called More Than A Vote that works to combat systemic and racist voter suppression.

James’ interest in buying out Loeffler and her co-owner, Mary Brock, would be a monumental move in sports. With his total earnings reported at $88.2 million, according to Forbes, he’d be well-positioned to purchase the franchise team.

CNN reports that Loeffler — a loyal Trump supporter — has caused major controversy in the league after previously stating that she does not support the Black Lives Matter movement or protests against police brutality.

Her criticisms included calling out Black Lives Matter as a “very divisive organization” that promotes “violence and destruction across the country,” BET shares.

Her derogatory comments brought on heavy backlash and pressure to sell her share of the team and emboldened WNBA players to campaign against her. The WNBA even issued a statement condemning Loeffler for her negative commentary on the league’s players.