Larry Morrow is a hometown favorite in New Orleans, LA.

The entrepreneur’s rise in popularity started to kick off when he began producing entertainment industry events under his marketing and promotions company, Larry Morrow Events.

In an interview with “Earn Your Leisure,” Morrow shared that at age 20, he made $11,000 from his first event. In a short period of time, he went from building his company from the ground up to being connected with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Drake, Floyd Mayweather, and more.

When it comes to thriving in hospitality, he didn’t just stop at events. By age 22, Morrow opened Larry’s Poboys & Wings. However, he ended up shutting down the restaurant shortly after. Morrow took the experience as a learning lesson for his next venture in 2018.

“Learning from when I was 22, it helped prepare for when I opened up Morrow’s,” Morrow said on the podcast. “I knew I needed more reserves and I was just mentally in a better place. I was much more mature than 22 years old.”

He continued, “I opened up Morrow’s, it was like a line out the door and I’m like, ‘Oh sh-t, we on to something.”

As of this writing, Morrow has conceptualized five different restaurants — and a club. What’s more, his portfolio includes property. His journey into real estate began after selling his Rolex and purchasing his first property with $39,000 in cash.

For Morrow’s upcoming moves, he shared that he plans to expand to various cities. Additionally, he has the potential goal of selling his growing franchise for $100 million. However, he also mentioned that he doesn’t like to look too far ahead when it comes to his plans. 

“Honestly, I’m not a person that plans out too far,” he said, “10 years is a long time…My game plan changes every day.”