Lamar Jackson could possibly be the next restaurant owner in the foreseeable future.

On May 18, trademark attorney Josh Gerben disclosed that the Baltimore Ravens star filed two new trademarks.

The Trademarks

Via Twitter, Gerben shared that Jackson filed for “Play Action Soulfood and More” and “You 8 Yet?” — hinting at a new restaurant in the works. The “8” in the second trademark ties in with the quarterback’s jersey number.

Lamar Jackson's Response To The Speculation

What’s more, Jackson replied to a Twitter user that asked where the restaurant would be located.

“Where’s the spot gonna be? Down FL or in MD?” the user asked.

Jackson replied, sharing that it would be in Florida.

And, based on its Instagram page, the soul food establishment is specifically in Pompano Beach — his hometown.

Another Restaurant Owner In Town

T-Pain recently expressed of how he’s expanding on living in his purpose. As previously reported by AfroTech, the rap veteran announced his new venture into the restaurant industry.

“I DID IT BOIS!!!! Im officially a restaurant owner. Got my keys today and I’m scared as sh&%. BUT! I can no longer ignore the paths God has set for me just because I don’t understand or I’m scared,” he excitedly revealed in his Instagram caption.

He continued: “I’ve learned that if I’m not afraid, that means I’m in my comfort zone, that may be what some ppl want but as comfortable as it is in there, it also gets fu–en BORING!!! In this new chapter of my life I’m taking the leap on anything I truly love and believe in. I’m fully in control and don’t have to ask for permission to believe in myself anymore. Let this be a sign to GO DO THE THING!! If you’re not afraid, you’re too comfortable.”