If “started from the bottom, now we’re here,” was a person, it just might be LaLa Milan.

She went from providing the culture with laughs on social media to landing acting roles in hit series like BET’s “Boomerang” and the Zeus comedy series, “TiTi Do You Love Me.” Fast forward to now and she continues to carve her own lane and was even announced as a Dream in Black Future Maker with AT&T.

One thing Milan can surely attest to is the fact that technology has created a whirlwind of opportunities for her.

“Cell phones and the laptop are two of the main ways that I’m able to produce the content that I do, and because of that, my life has changed tremendously,” Milan told AfroTech during an interview at the 2022 Essence Festival of Culture. “Long story short — I went from working at Allstate, at a desk, at a job — that I hated personally — to living my dream, traveling the world, and being able to just create content — no matter where I am.”

"Bougie On A Budget"

For someone who has created a lane for herself, Milan knows the importance of investing in the future.

While she is able to leverage social media for growing her brand and even launching her business, she knows that everything is not what it appears. Therefore, she doesn’t spend too much time getting caught up trying to keep up with the Joneses.

“It’s one thing to be rich, but it’s another to be wealthy and I’m going for the wealth,” Milan exclaimed. “So many people confuse having luxury bags, shoes, clothes, and stuff with being ‘that girl,’ but honey, ‘that girl’ is the girl who’s investing, saving, and sustaining the things that she needs for her future and her children that are to come after her — if that’s what she decides to do. Being bougie on a budget is super important to me, it’s a lifestyle. It’s the way that you live. It’s not what you’re wearing, it’s how you’re living.”

Dreaming Big

And the way she’s living includes helping others along the way.

“Sharing my platform and the knowledge I’ve obtained while building this platform is very huge [for me],” said Milan. She continued, “I’m always, always making sure that I’m lifting as I’m climbing.”