Here’s to a true change in healthcare for women!

Kiira Health — a Los Angeles-based healthcare technology company — is on a mission to address the needs of young, diverse women while also encouraging them to take control of their health in the earlier stages of their lives. To further their mission, the company just recently closed a $4 million seed round led by 500 Global and Forum VC, according to a press release provided to AfroTech.

“I truly wish I had a women’s health solution like Kiira when I was in college. We are setting ourselves apart by creating this unique opportunity to reach young women at the most pivotal stage of their lives,” said Crystal Adesanya, Founder, and CEO of Kiira Health, in a press release.

What Is Kiira?

As a technology-enabled healthcare provider, Kiira was designed to make healthcare accessible to young women with the tap of a button. Using a unique approach, the company incorporates a mobile app that allows 24/7 access to virtual care, personalized data-driven insights, and healthcare solutions that are rooted in culture.

The additional capital serves as a full-circle moment for Kiira as it’s always been committed to growth and change, which has been apparent since the company was put on AfroTech’s radar years ago. 

“Since winning the AfroTech Cup in 2019 we have rebranded, grown our company through a pandemic, and met the physical and mental health needs of young multicultural women who need care,” said Adesanya in a statement shared with us. “This journey has been truly amazing with the support of the AfroTech community as the competition served as an early catalyst for our growth. We are excited to see it all come full-circle and continue to make healthcare more accessible and enjoyable for our communities.”

Access To Funding

With the latest round of funding, Kiira will continue to be the change that the community needs.

Other investors in the latest seed round include Serena Williams’ Serena Ventures, California Healthcare Foundation, and a host of others.

“We’re proud of what Crystal, Dr. Fraser, and the team at Kiira have accomplished to date and are excited about their vision,” said Clayton Bryan, Partner at 500 Global in the statement. “We believe that Kiira is helping define a new category of women’s care by providing a multi-channel modern experience that is well-suited to meet the demands of today’s healthcare consumer.”

The company will use the funds to continue to expand its team and to also develop products that align with the company’s main goal – to solve the existing women’s health issues in the country.

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