Kelly Rowland has been in the game for decades and knows a thing or two about launching a business, or in this case, flaunting one.

This time, the entertainer is putting her support behind Busy Baking, the LA-based bakery owned and operated by Re’Gine Terry. As someone who is no stranger to partnerships that come with the business, Rowland has always been committed to supporting brands that align with her own values.

She recalls working with brands like Candies early in her career, during the Destiny’s Child days, and how it has always been important for her to only get behind companies that she has an affinity for.

“I remember how myself and the ladies always looked at those campaigns and thought that they were so cool. It was something that you strived to do or have — like seeing your campaigns everywhere,” Rowland told AfroTech exclusively. “We loved Candies, like genuinely, and we would wear them and our friends would get them. So, it was like being a part of the culture. I think that it was just as important to impact culture then as it is to impact culture now.”

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@kellyrowland #ad Happy Black Business Month! I asked my favorite Black-owned bakery, @busybaking, to swap out dairy milk for Silk Oatmilk in this delicious cupcake recipe. 🧁 Show me how you #SwapItWithSilk when you bake @lovemysilk ♬ original sound – Kelly Rowland

With her part in Silk’s #SwapItWithSilk Oatmilk campaign, Rowland is happy to be impacting the culture to make healthier lifestyle choices. It was a no-brainer to put her stamp of approval on Busy Baking, because not only does it promote an alternative to the way delicious treats are made, but it reiterates her love and commitment to Black-owned businesses.

“For me, it was the cake, because I did get a chance to taste the banana pudding cupcake, and it’s definitely legit,” Rowland said. “It’s also mainly the taste for me and that it is a Black-owned business. I think it’s important for us to change the focus, specifically, because we don’t get opportunities like this.”

Re'Gine Terry Is Busy Baking For Celebrity Clientele

Re’Gine recalled how her love for baking started in her Easy Bake Oven days. Now, she is ecstatic to receive the nod of approval from someone she has always loved and admired.

“It was such a surreal moment to know that Kelly would be eating my stuff,” Terry told AfroTech in an interview. “Because, like you said, we all see Kelly Rowland as an icon, especially as a dark-skinned girl. We love Kelly and I identify most with her. So, it was just a blessing for me to be able to present my product to her, and for her to like it.”

In fact, working on Silk’s #SwapItWithSilk Oatmilk campaign was even a manifestation in itself for Terry.

“I’ve had a struggle to get her, but just knowing that Silk recognized me enough to trust me to make my signature banana pudding cupcakes using their Oatmilk was everything,” she expressed.

Busy Baking doesn’t just have the Kelly Rowland stamp of approval. She also has loyal customers like rappers Freddie Gibbs and T-Grizzley dropping by the shop to support her delicious treats. What’s more, since launching, Re’Gine has grown her platform on Instagram from 500 followers to roughly 21,000 followers. Snoop Dogg even reshared the Nipsey Hussle tribute cake that went viral, putting Terry on the radar of other big names like Rihanna, who has even graced her Instagram page with a follow.