Keith Lee is back with another food review, but this one is special because it hits home.

According to Dexerto, the beloved TikTok food reviewer left fans stunned after sharing a video of him testing out his brother’s new restaurant, Braised by Kevin Lee, located in Florida.

“Me and my family are in Hollywood, Florida and the food in this bag is from my brother’s restaurant,” Keith said in the May 27 video. “When I say my brother, I mean the same mom and dad. But I didn’t order it and he doesn’t know we’re here.”

@keith_lee125 Braised By Kevin Lee taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic @Kevin Lee ♬ original sound – Keith Lee

What’s more, before their foray into the food business, both of the Lee brothers were heavy in the competitive martial arts world. Keith spent a good amount of his life as a Bellator MMA fighter, and Kevin gained a lot of attention in the UFC before retiring in July 2023. 

“We all lived in [Las Vegas, NV] but he moved to Miami and opened his own pop-up,” Keith explained. “[It] is at a farmer’s market. The name of it is Yellow Green Farmers Market and inside is his restaurant ‘Braised by Kevin Lee.’”

As with any Keith Lee video, he went through the motions of testing out the food just as he would do with any other establishment. He didn’t treat it any differently, even though it was owned and operated by a close family member. 

After noting that the food was great, Keith also expressed how happy he was for his brother. “I can’t be more proud,” he said at one point during the clip.

In true Keith fashion, it wasn’t long before it resulted in another viral video under his belt. This one garnered more than 7 million views, leaving fans stunned because they had never connected the dots that the two were related.

“Wait!! Kevin Lee, the MMA fighter? Didn’t realize he was your brother. Miss that guy in the UFC,” wrote one user.

Others noted that Kevin hasn’t used his brother’s fame to draw attention to his business. 

“Honestly respect him so much for asking you not to come to the restaurant so he can get it on his own,” they commented.

Someone else chimed in, “The fact that he wants to start from the bottom and not ask Keith Lee for help is respectable.”

It looks like the Lee brothers are taking over the culinary industry one food review and business at a time!