Keith Lee is at it again.

This time, the famous TikTok food reviewer has left the city of Atlanta, GA, in an uproar after stopping by during his family food tour and sharing his honest take on a few popular restaurants, including The Dining Experience Atlanta, The Atlanta Breakfast Club, The Seafood Menu, The Real Milk and Honey, and Juci Jerk. Some reviews were not so positive.

However, in true Lee fashion, he didn’t leave the Peach State without paying it forward and being a blessing to others.

The Restaurant

In a video shared on TikTok, Lee broke down his visit to Jamaican Jerk Biz.

After an impromptu family trip to Six Flags, Lee and his loved ones sought food as the park had few options and closed pretty late.

“My God sister actually lives in Atlanta so we asked her where we should eat,” he explained. “She recommended a place called Jamaican Jerk Biz… it was only 7 minutes away from Six Flags, but what we didn’t know is that they also closed at 11 o’clock. My God sister decided to call anyway just to see if it was a possibility that we can get food.”

Lee continued: “Mind you, my God sister never said I was with her, so they had no idea it was for us. They said, ‘No rush, absolutely, you just come in when you’re finished with the park.’”

Outstanding Customer Service

After his family member went in to retrieve the food, Lee shared that he went in about 10 minutes later, and the owner was immediately brought to tears. 

“She said she’s been DMing for the last year to come to the restaurant. God is amazing,” Lee said.

He then shared their interaction in the video clip where the owner of the restaurant showered him with compliments, completely shocked that the food was for Lee and his family. He also expressed his gratitude for her willingness to stay late to ensure that they were able to eat.

Paying It Forward

“After hearing her story and seeing the customer service, I was taken aback,” Lee said. “I asked her what her sales were for the day and I completely matched them.”

When Lee asked the amount that the restaurant had made in sales for the day, the owner said it was $2,673, and the two shared yet another heart-warming moment.

“Charge my card for $2,673,” he told his God sister while at the counter waiting for their food. “That’s what she said she made in sales today.”

While social media has had its share of hot takes regarding Lee’s Atlanta stop on his food tour, it is moments like these that serve as a reminder of his commitment to sharing love from the very beginning.