A new lawsuit is underway on behalf of Kanye West.

The rapper is suing the Instagram account @daunreleasedgod for leaking his music, TMZ reports. While the person or people behind the page have yet to be known, West alleges that it’s someone he’s worked with in the past, who he claims is breaching signed confidentiality agreements, the outlet says. Once the Instagram account holder(s) is revealed, he is set to file their names in the lawsuit.

Also, according to the outlet, in the new court documents, West and his legal team claim that since March 2023 @daunreleasedgod has leaked 21 tracks on Instagram and 11 tracks on Twitter. The unreleased songs included features from Rihanna, DJ Khaled, DaBaby, and will.i.am.

According to Billboard, the track titles are as follows, “We Did it Kid,” “Shy Can’t Look,” “NASDAQ,” and “Mr. Miyagi.”

Filed by Gregory K. Nelson of Weeks Nelson, the lawsuit alleges that West “has suffered significant financial losses and damages as a direct result of the Defendants’ actions,” per Billboard.

The filing also states that the “‘distinctive arrangement and unique elements” found in Ye’s music amount to a trade secret ‘due to its economic value, secrecy, and the efforts taken to safeguard it’ and that the defendants violated their contract with Ye when they ‘knowingly and unlawfully acquired, disclosed, and distributed’ those unique works,” the outlet wrote.

The lawsuit is also seeking to restrain the defendants and anyone working with them to put an end to West being exploited, demanding damages, fees, and other costs.

The unfolding lawsuit comes after his legal battle with Adidas. As previously reported by AFROTECH, Manhattan Federal Judge Valerie E. Caproni ruled against the company’s request to re-freeze $75 million in West’s Yeezy brand assets.

While that move worked in West’s favor, only time will tell what will transpire against the individual who is behind the @daunreleasedgod account.