It’s one thing to build a record label to support fellow artists and creators, but to extend it to be a hub for resources for them is a whole different level.

BoyMeetSpace Academy

jetsonmade’s BoyMeetSpace Academy continues his label’s commitment to giving back to the culture as an educational platform.

It provides students with an intensive six-week online workshop and equips them with tools, resources, and knowledge to not only break into the industry but thrive.

In the first course, titled BoyMeetBeats, participants will have an opportunity to sharpen their skills, while also learning about the five core concepts that go into the beat-making process. This includes melody, drum programming, mixing, arrangement, and refinement.

Additionally, students will receive direct feedback and guidance from renowned producers in the game. Not only will they leave the course with a completed song, but people will also have the opportunity to be signed to jetsonmade’s BoyMeetSpace label.


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“My inspiration was really just the new wave of music that’s coming around,” jetsonmade told AfroTech. “It’s a lot of stuff that is happening faster. So, it’s easy for upcoming producers to forget about certain little principles and stuff. So, I think that’s one of the things that has inspired me. Secondly, I get a lot of the same questions from a lot of producers. So, the mix of those two things kind of sparked my interest in building the academy. I want to put others on to game while answering their questions and helping through some of the stuff they may encounter along the way.”

Lessons Learned Along The Way

As a Grammy-nominated producer, responsible for working alongside artists like Latto, NBA YoungBoy, Jack Harlow, and more, jetsonmade has been in the industry long enough to learn a thing or two along the way.


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“I think the biggest thing I’ve learned was consistency,” he explained. “As the biggest thing, I want to also teach that through the courses in the academy. I always encourage people [to] keep going and just not to overthink it.”

Partnering With The Best

What’s more, jetsonmade isn’t working alone. He has partnered with fellow producers like Tay Keith, Wondagurl, and Pooh Beatz to launch the BoyMeetSpace Academy.

His Love For Music

As a pioneer for rap in the Carolinas, music was embedded in jetsonmade’s DNA from the very beginning.

“Not from what I can remember, but from what is documented, I can say I’ve been doing music since I was probably like three-years-old because that’s when I got my first drum set,” he recalled. “There’s like a picture of me on the drum set when I was like three.”

Having A Winner's Mentality

For jetsonmade, breaking into the industry is more than just having the talent. He stresses the importance of also being in a certain mental space as well.

“It was like a mindset thing,” said jetsonmade when asked what his biggest hurdle was when breaking into the business. “Because, like, looking back on it, I have pretty much the same resources and opportunities as everybody else, but I think it was more so just having the mindset of being able to believe that I could do it because it really wasn’t being done in North and South Carolina on the level that I’m doing it.”