Jessica Dupart’s hair products have made their way to Walmart shelves, reports PR Newswire.

Founded in 2014, Kaleidoscope Hair products were created by Dupart while she worked as a hairstylist. Fast-forward seven years and you’ll see how much the haircare company has grown and become a household name for many loyal supporters.

In an effort to solve hair woes that her clients suffered, Dupart made her own solution and created ethical and innovative product formulas that provide maximum results for every hair type and texture.

Each bottle is known for its vibrant and fun packaging and gained momentum when Dupart put her all into building a company from the ground up.

“I risk it all when the ideas come to me because I believe in what I am trying to create,” Dupart once said in an interview with Forbes. “I am not scared to have zero dollars in my bank account because I have been there before. When you trust in your ability and vision, you are not scared to take chances.”

Today, those same products are even more accessible with the company’s expansion into Walmart. The six crowd favorites that will hit select stores nationwide are Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops – Original, Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges, The Answer by Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope Milkshake Leave-In Detangler Spray, and Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Shampoo and Conditioner.

Kaleidoscope’s products can also be found in Target, Sally Beauty, and online at