In a new trivia app called Homeschooled, Jesse Williams and VISIBILITY are collaborating to make learning fun.

The trivia app features questions that are rooted in U.S. multicultural realities, such as pop culture, history, music, film, fine art, and science.

In addition, over 50 trivia categories will be offered for all to enjoy, such as:

  • “Growing Up Black”
  • “Who Invented This”
  •  “Kicks”
  • “Divas”
  • “Car Culture”
  • “Sci-Fi”
  • “Street Fashion”

You will be crowned the winner if you answer the most questions correctly, which comes with not just bragging rights but also the cultural crown! You can play the game alone, but it’s recommended you play with friends and family.

Williams will operate as Homeschool’s Dean of Culture, and he will be joined by other special guest teachers.

“Traditional school is typically our central source of understanding when it comes to societal contributions in the realms of history, science, arts & culture, etc., but the chasm between that outdated mechanic and the realities of cultural impact in our daily lives is staggering,” Jesse Williams, Homeschooled Co-creator and Co-founder of VISIBILITY, said in a news release. “We can learn and laugh at the same time and do so without excluding huge swaths of the population just because that’s how it’s always been. The response we received from BLeBRiTY, Ya Tú Sabes and Ebroji confirmed the appetite for relevant, edgy, creative and celebratory ways to spotlight our communities’ contributions. With Homeschooled, our intention is to shift the dynamic of self-education and celebration. We can battle each other, connect, and compete while gaining deeper knowledge of self and society.”

“At VISIBILITY, we want to raise our voices and celebrate our diverse and complicated identities, and ultimately uncover our shared commonalities,” Glenn Kaino, Homeschooled Co-creator and Co-founder of VISIBILITY, said in a news release. “And we can have fun in the process! Through our Teacher’s Pet program, we know our community will tell us what we need to know by submitting new questions and answers that will help us all grow and game together. Everyone is welcome to dive in, celebrate and challenge their friends, families, and that random person who thinks they know more than you.”