No circumstance can change what is ultimately meant for you, and this California teen is leading by example.

ABC News reports that Jeremiah Armstead went from facing homelessness to earning a life-changing opportunity.

College Freshman Year Begins

After three years of being unhoused with his family, the 19-year-old was accepted into Fisk University. While staying at a friend’s house, his mother, Mindy Brooks, was the one to share the great news about his acceptance into the Nashville-based historically Black university. 

Armstead went through a lot as a teen, but he made the decision to use his adversity as fuel and motivation to strive for success. Now, his hard work has paid off as he is set to earn a higher education at Fisk University.

“That’s all I needed,” Armstead said, according to the outlet. “That’s all I ever needed in life was a chance.”

He continued: “I just want to show people that’s in my circumstances like ‘don’t stop.’ Don’t ever think of giving up because just like that, stuff could change.”

Life Before The Acceptance

Although Armstead faced trials and tribulations during his youth, reaching his potential was always in the cards for him. With the help of organizations such as We Educate Brilliant Minds and Sisters of Watts, the big dreamer was able to pursue his high school diploma in the midst of homelessness, per the outlet.

“I was bringing smarts, of course, but it was hard to do that being homeless and juggling everything, like domestic violence situations, just stuff like that,” he said. “Living in a shelter, living in a car–it was hard to think, go to school, worry about my mom or my brother, my sister.”

A Bright Future Ahead

Inspired by their big brother, Armstead’s siblings hope to attend college in the near future, according to Brooks.

“I’m not surprised Jeremiah is where he’s at today,” she told the outlet. “I’m not surprised because he’s always been a good person.”

In the fall, Armstead will embark on majoring in kinesiology and playing for Fisk University’s men’s basketball team.