No matter what time of year, it’s always snowing when Jeezy is around. The self-proclaimed “snowman” is making it rain, or should we say “snow,” all over Atlanta with his real estate purchases and investments.

Real Estate King: In a conversation with Gillie Da King and Wallo of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, the rapper and “Real Estate King” as Gillie describes him, reveals how he got into real estate.

The beginning: “I was with my team. One of my great, you know, confidants and friend, and business partner, Solo is what we call him, turned me on to which ended up being one of my closest friends, my realtor. And he just gave me the game. We just went and bought all of this land and buildings in the beginning,” Jeezy said on the podcast.

The middle: Jokingly starting the conversation as owning over half of Atlanta, Jeezy described that he purchased a lot of land and property and left it alone due to his tour and music schedule. It was not until his business partner pulled him to the side to explain how much return he received on those real estate investments.

The end: “From that day forward, I was stuck. Every big check I ever got, you know, I bought property. Every time I had a birthday, I bought property. I don’t buy chains, watches, cars – none of that. I buy property.

Jeezy's Real Estate Purchases

As previously reported by AfroTech, Jeezy purchased a two-story penthouse for $1.32 million that he eventually sold at a loss.

He also bought a three-story home in 2016 that he converted into a studio compound that has since been expanded across three buildings. The compound includes a game room, a barbershop, an office, and music studios.

Before buying and building the compound space, Jeezy purchased a 9,000-square-foot home for $1.5 million.