Jeezy is not letting up on building out his empire.

As previously reported by AFROTECH, the entrepreneur also known as Jay Wayne Jenkins has made a name for himself in real estate in Atlanta, GA. In an interview with Forbes, he spoke on the fulfillment of it allowing him to take care of his family and serve as a testament to the challenges he once faced.


“I know it’s setting up generational wealth for my kids and their kids,” Jeezy told Forbes. “And it’s like I’m really good at it, and I got an amazing team of people around me.”

He added, “And I love it because I grew up in a trailer — two bedroom trailer with my mom and my sister. This room is bigger than our trailer… I always told myself if I ever made it that I was gonna own some stuff because they weren’t going to be able to just kick me out and just have me in the streets.”

Along with expanding on his real estate investments, Jeezy has had an eventful year including releasing his New York Times best-selling book, “Adversity For Sale: Ya Gotta Believe.” 

However, during the interview with Forbes, he shares what he says is another highlight of his business endeavors — venturing into the spirits industry with Tequila Avión, joined by his business partner Ken Austin. 

We basically built it up, sold it to Pernod Ricard, which is probably one of the biggest deals of the year on the low,” he shared.

What’s more, Jeezy acquired another brand to add to his portfolio.

“I just acquired Naud Spirits out of Cognac, France,” he said. “We have cognac, vodka, and gin. Defiance fuel water, which is an athlete’s water. It’s major. Probably Dr Pepper or somebody’s gonna pick us up.”

While Jeezy is on a roll of making money moves, he’s made it clear that he’s never been money-hungry. In an interview with AFROTECH, he shared that whatever he does has to align with his purpose.

“But, where I’m at right now, is like such a great space because I’m getting better at it every day,” he said. “I’m working hard and making new connections. One thing my mom always told me is, ‘Put the right things on your plate, don’t just fill it up because you can.’ So, for me, I just want to focus on the things and continue to get better at them, and one of those things was becoming an author, so that’s my latest thing.”

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