The Black community could benefit from Jaylen Brown’s lucrative NBA deal.

As AfroTech previously mentioned, the Celtics shooting guard signed a five-year supermax contract extension valued at $304 million. As a part of the deal, he’s expected to earn $52.3 million within his first year alone.

“He’s a big part of us. We believe in him, and I’m thankful for him,” President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens said, according to The Associated Press. “I’m really thankful that when those guys have success, they come back to work. And when they get beat, they own it, and they come back to work. And so I know that’s what they’re about. And that’s hard to find.”

During a press conference at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA, Brown shared his desire to use a portion of his earnings to launch a project aimed at tackling the wealth disparity and creating Black Wall Street in Boston, MA.

“I want to launch a project to bring Black Wall Street here to Boston,” Brown said during the press conference. “I want to attack the wealth disparity here. I think there’s analytics that supports that stimulating the wealth gap could actually be something that could be better meant for the entire economy. With the biggest financial deal in NBA history, it makes sense to talk about one year investment in community, but two, also the wealth disparity here, that nobody wants to talk about. It’s top five in the U.S. It’s something that we can all improve on. It’s unsettling.”

Additionally, Brown said his goal is to start commercial entities and residential real estate as well as other ideas to turn Boston into a “hub.”

“I think through my platform, through influential partners, through selective leaders, government officials — a lot who are in this room — that we can come together and create new jobs, new resources, new businesses, new ideas that could highlight minorities, but also stimulate the economy and the wealth gap at the same time,” Brown said.

In conclusion, he reemphasized that, “I want to bring Black Wall Street here to Boston.”

Kudos to him.