It’s no secret that taking the entrepreneurial path requires a certain level of tenacity. Even one of today’s most talked about social media influencers turned entrepreneurs Jayda Cheaves has had her own fair share of uphill battles. 

Building From The Ground Up

As previously reported by AfroTech, the businesswoman flipped her social media following into building herself a million dollar empire that includes her brand Waydamin. While her business ventures have made her established in the space, following her dreams hasn’t always been easy, according to Blavity U.

In an interview with Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal for REVOLT’s “Assets Over Liabilities,” Cheaves recalled not having full support from her family when starting her journey as an entrepreneur, the outlet reports.

“Grandmothers and parents don’t really see [the vision],” she shared. “They say like, ‘Oh, she just has followers, but you still have to work.’ They don’t want to hear it. So I had to really prove to them that I could do this, that I could make this work.”

What Jayda Cheaves Wants Next

As the conversation continued, Cheaves revealed a goal of her’s that exemplifies her tunnel vision for pushing and believing in what others may doubt. The 24-year-old shared what’s next in her vision: Becoming a billionaire in five years.

“I really want a billion dollars,” she shared on where she sees herself in five years. “I just see so many young people doing it. I feel like I could really do it if I stay with this mindset I have now and this path that I’m on. I really see it happening for me because I look up to people like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna — they’re young. They’re not far-fetched from what I’m doing now. Hopefully I can just have what I’m doing now amplified times a thousand in five to ten years from now.”

Plan To Go From A Millionaire To Billionaire

Based on the recent interview and her growth as an entrepreneur, proving people wrong is nothing new for Cheaves.

In a short span of years, she’s gone from using her social media influence as a stream of income to blowing up into becoming a millionaire off of building her overall brand. Cheaves is fully working to reach her goal as she’s not a fan of limiting herself. One way she’s executing not being boxed in with her business is her plan for Waydamin to be in stores in the near future.

Time will tell of whether or not she hits a billion by her desired timeframe, but the go-getter shared that building generational wealth for her son Loyal and her future family is the ultimate goal.