Reaching the greatest of all time (GOAT) status is no easy feat. In basketball, many argue that Michael Jordan is the GOAT. Serena Williams can be seen as the GOAT of tennis, but when it comes to this music thing, specifically Hip-Hop — many would suggest that Jay-Z holds the title.

Since “Reasonable Doubt” in 1996, Shawn Carter has given the world several top hits that pushed his superstar status through the roof. The New York native has been able to leverage all of his success and become a significant investor and businessman. However, his perspective about ownership might be shocking.

It's All About Perspective

In a recent interview with Kevin Hart on his show, “Hart to Heart,” the comedian discussed various topics with the mogul, ranging from music to business. Plus, at one point, the “99 Problems” rapper gave us insight into his mindset when it comes to ownership.

Referencing Steve Jobs, the rapper mentioned that the previous CEO only had about a one percent stake in the company at the time of his death. Many people would view this as minimal, but compared to the company’s value, it was worth a ton. Now, it seems Jay-Z has taken on a similar perspective.

“We’ve been trained to look at the percentage of something you own … It ain’t what you own; you can own 100 percent of nothing,” he explained.

To break it down, he mentioned his partnership with LVMH and how that group helped push his champagne business forward.

“I owned a 100 percent. I could’ve said, ‘I want to own a 100 percent of this thing,’ or I could own 50 percent of it and … push it even further,” Hov further explained.

Based on the interview, the father of three seemingly makes decisions based on what’s suitable for specific situations. And in all that, he ensures he is creating wealth and a legacy to pass down to his children.

The Ownership Of Creativity

Also in the conversation, Jay-Z offered a nuanced perspective on ownership — his creativity. Kevin Hart asked how he approaches being attached to someone else’s work.

“It’s mostly relationships,” Jay-Z responded. “It’s mostly — it’s actually always been mostly relationships. Sometimes it’s talent and sometimes someone asks me to be on some.”

Well, there you have it.