Another year, another Thanksgiving tradition!

How It All Started

In 2016, when Jamal Hinton randomly received a text about attending a holiday dinner from a then-stranger, it would set a precedence for years to come. Wanda Dench intended to send the message to her grandson, who had actually changed his phone number.

While it was an honest mixup, Hinton took it upon himself to still shoot his shot for a chance to grab a plate. Fast forward to seven years later, and the Denches have become his extended family.

Hinton's Entrepreneurial Journey

Now, not only do they consider each other close acquaintances, but Dench has also played a pivotal role in Hinton’s entrepreneurial journey.

As previously reported by AfroTech, Hinton revealed that he was the new CEO of Wrap-A-Lot — a Black-owned vinyl wrap, paint, and print shop located in Tempe, AZ.

“Let me introduce myself my name is Jamal Hinton aka CEO of newly opened Wrap-a-lot where we wrap, paint and tint cars,” said Hinton in a tweet shared in Spring 2022. “I would love to welcome anyone and everyone to stop by our shop in Tempe, AZ and show the world what Wrap-A-Lot has to offer!”

The billboard that announced the news paid homage to the Dench family, with a previous image of him and his girlfriend alongside, Wanda Dench and her now-deceased husband Lonnie that had also gone viral.

Another Year, Another Blessing

On Thanksgiving Day 2022, Hinton was back with yet another announcement as they celebrated seven years of their annual tradition.

“Thanksgiving year 7,” wrote Hinton via Twitter. “From year 1 as strangers, to year 7 as family, but now BUSINESS PARTNERS! I’m very thankful for my family, friends, fans.”

Introducing blackmp

Hinton and Dench have officially announced the launch of their own water company, blackmp — an alkaline water company, according to its official website.

It’s said to be infused with soil-based probiotics, humic, fulvic, trace minerals, a pH of 10, and electrolytes.