For many, the idea of running a business as a child is far-fetched to achieve, but surprisingly kid entrepreneurs are becoming a powerhouse phenomenon proving that age holds no boundaries when it comes to reaching goals.

Entrepreneur Jabre Dutton, 11, is breaking barriers in his own way as the creator of his own car cleaning service in Germantown, Philadelphia, Shoppe Black reports.

While Jabre is still an average kid who enjoys playing video games and watching TV, he’s also an independent businessman who enjoys detailing cars.

“I learned that is really fun, and that you could make a ton of money from it,” Dutton told Shoppe Black.

Jabre’s Car Cleaning Service — which launched earlier this month — focuses on interior cleaning for vehicles including vacuuming, trash disposal, and dusting, according to Shoppe Black.

The idea of having a car cleaning business isn’t Jabre’s dream job, but his mother — Sabrina Dutton — convinced him that he could make a living off of it after he cleaned a family friend’s vehicle for $20.

Shortly after, Dutton’s co-worker designed a flyer to help Jabre promote his business locally and now he’s booking clients on most days of the week, according to his mother.

“My favorite part about doing this job is getting my customer’s reactions out of it,” Jabre said. “When it’s done, when you look at it, they look so happy. I get really excited because they’re excited.”

In addition to his business, Jabre is also learning how to manage his own savings account as his business has taught him the importance of setting money aside. His mother has also had many conversations with him in regards to financial literacy.

“It’s kind of like slowly trying to get him into understanding money and responsibility,” Sabrina said to Shoppe Black. “So with every car, I tell them a percentage goes to savings, a percentage goes into his pockets, and another percentage goes to his supplies.”

While Jabre’s car cleaning business keeps him busy, he’s also gearing up for the forthcoming school year, shifting his available bookings from weekdays to weekends.

Cleaning services with Jabre’s business can be booked here.

More updates regarding Jabre’s Car Cleaning Service can be found via Instagram.