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Iowa's First Black Comic Company

Iowa just welcomed its first Black comic book company, according to the Des Moines Register. Basi Affia launched Sensi’il Studios in October 2022 as a labor of love.

The overall goal for Affia is for Sensi’il Studios to be the central point for Black and minority comics in Iowa, noting that people of color have stories in the futuristic space that need to be told.

“That’s why I chose sci-fi,” Affia said. “To show like, ‘Hey, minorities and Black people and members of the Pan African diaspora, we have a future. We will be here for centuries. We’ve been here for millennia, and we will continue to be here and we will continue to be great. We go through things in life, you know, we go through hardships and there’s the ups and downs.’ But I really want to focus on the ups so that way we can be inspired to continue to work our way out of our current position in society.”

Building A Community

Beyond just that, Affia wanted to create a platform where people could not only support and purchase their friend’s comics, but discover other talented artists in the process.

Per the outlet, Affia identifies as a self-professed nerd whose love for anime, cartoons, and comic books runs deep.

How It All Started

In fact, his writing journey began in the first grade.

However, Affia ultimately launched Sensi’il Studios to begin releasing some of his published works, including novels and comic books, for the world to enjoy.

Affia’s “Lost With All Hands – The Motion Comic” was one of the first pieces of work published through his company, and he has no plans of letting up anytime soon.

The Future Of Sensi'il Studios

His next project, “Aaru En Duat: Ascension (Part 1),” is a coming-of-age story that Affia believes will help Gen Z and young millennial audiences discover ways to travel their own paths in life.