Social media is such a huge (and free) marketing tool that startups must bring their A-game. Your company could be great, but a subpar Instagram or Facebook account could do some damage.

Here are some pro-tips to revamp social media accounts:

1. Choose a branding strategy

You have a logo, now what? It’s time to develop your brand. Simply put, a brand is the image your startup presents to the world. It’s what people will say about your company when you are not in the room. Essentially, your brand is your company’s reputation. It separates you from your competitors, so brainstorming branding strategies are essential. Looking through the lens of social media, we can define branding as how you communicate with your audience via posts. Will you employ a storytelling branding strategy or a branding strategy that provokes an emotional response from viewers?

2. Stick to your vision

You started your company with a vision and goal in mind, so stick to it. Don’t believe the hype and be swayed by the ever-changing social media landscape. To avoid the “monkey see monkey do” culture, ask yourself the following questions before posting: Is this what my startup is dedicated to? Does this align with the message I want to deliver to the world? If you answered, “yes,” then go for it!

3. Consistency

Being consistent involves two key factors: Posting new content regularly and posting content that is relevant to your brand. In short, don’t leave your audience hanging in the balance, wondering when you will post updated content. Not being consistent can give off the impression that your startup is not legit, and could eventually lead to your followers forgetting you exist. There are many apps, like Later and PromoRepublic, that can help you schedule your posts for the entire week.

4. Choose a color scheme

Set a tone for your page by selecting a color scheme that will be a running thread for all your posts. Don’t just choose your favorite colors. Instead, you should do some research on what colors invoke certain emotions.

5. Hire a social media manager

If it is in your budget, then hiring a social media manager is a smart move to make. Not only will it free up time and mental space, but it allows you — the startup CEO — to delegate this task to someone who specializes in the field of social media.