You’ve just landed a job interview, and you’re understandably excited. Suddenly, your stomach shifts with anxiety as you try to figure out what to do next.

First, don’t panic. Follow these simple steps to nail that interview and walk away with a job offer.

Do your homework

Learn everything you can about your prospective employer. Review their product line and price points, read both employee and customer reviews on third-party sites, and read study any local industry analyses you can find.  You’ll not only be able to determine if this company is a good fit for you but sprinkling this kind of information into an interview can set you apart from other candidates.

Dress appropriately

Each business has its own workplace attire standards, which you should try to determine before your interview. You may want to wear something in line with what your prospective employer expects its staff to wear, but formal business attire is best when in doubt. Also, make sure your paperwork, such as your resume and job application, is nicely assembled in a folder. These small touches demonstrate the kind of diligence a hiring manager can expect from you.

Show up on time

It’s better to show up early than late. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the interview starts. That extra cushion can be a life-saver in case you encounter an unanticipated delay.

Present yourself professionally

Appropriate eye contact, facial expressions, and body language can be the difference between landing a job and walking away from an interview empty-handed. Consistent eye contact, for example, can effectively convey confidence, while shifting eye contact can illustrate nervousness, disinterest, or dishonesty.

Ask questions

Ask about the position, the company, and other aspects of the job. Doing so will not only help you gain valuable information about your possible future role, but it also demonstrates that you are both genuinely interested in the company and willing to learn.

Say thank you

Thank your interviewer for their time before and after you leave the office. This may seem obvious, but many job seekers forget to do one or the other. While a thank you is unlikely to be the one thing that wins you the job, the absence of one — and the negative impression it can create, could torpedo your chances. It’s best to send a note to the interviewer within 24 hours of the interview.