The company’s Black Inclusion Group and Vice President of Inclusion are dedicated to serving underrepresented communities.

Deemed the world’s #1 job site1, Indeed is a platform that prioritizes diversity and inclusion by giving candidates all over the world a chance to be connected with new opportunities. The site welcomes over 250 million unique visitors each month, catering to a diverse group of people not only worldwide — but also within the corporation itself. 

(1comScore Total Visits, March 2018,  2Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, September 2018)

The company proudly supports an inclusive work environment where all employees feel empowered to positively contribute because they believe diversity and inclusion ultimately impacts the success of the business. 

That’s why Indeed celebrates its employees’ unique experiences and backgrounds with Inclusion Resource Groups (IRGs). Each of their nine IRGs is provided an executive sponsor and an annual budget to achieve their mission. Every year all of the leaders in the IRGs are invited to a Planning Summit to determine their goals for the year, connect with other leaders, and celebrate their passion and commitment to Indeed and their Inclusion initiatives. One such group is The Black Inclusion Group or BIG.

BIG was created to support the professional development and advancement of African-American/Black Indeedians and their allies. They serve as a platform for all employees who are interested in learning more about African-American/Black culture and aim to foster and sustain an environment where all participants can learn from one another.  

So far this year, the Black Inclusion Group has provided valuable resources for minority job seekers across the country. The San Mateo chapter donated 100 Apple MacBook laptops to Bay Area organizations with a focus on development in the Black community.

The New York chapter hosted Seat at the Table in March. The goal of the event was to provoke genuine conversation among women of color and share their experiences of how they have been able to thrive in the field of tech. Attendees were also able to submit their resumes and network with recruiters. 

The Black Inclusion Group also partnered with Google and hosted a Black & Latin-Xcellence event in Austin, Texas. This event provided 75 tech field and non-tech students a fun way to connect with company representatives and recruiters through food and celebrating the end of summer. Attendees also learned about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech field.

Chapters in Stamford, Connecticut and San Mateo, California have also been able to give back in a proactive way. Every month, the Black Inclusion Group hosts community events to connect with students and discuss topics such as interview preparedness and professional development. 

Indeed’s efforts toward creating a positive working environment and ensuring inclusion have made a significant impact externally through community outreach. Leading this initiative is the newly appointed Vice President of Inclusion, LaFawn Davis. 

Before joining Indeed, Davis worked with communication platform, Twilio serving as the Global Head of Culture and Inclusion. While there, she focused on inclusion and diversity through creative methods of education, inspiration, and employee engagement. Davis also sits on the board of the non-profit Lesbians Who Tech, which has an incredibly high percentage of speakers and leaders of color at each of their annual events. 

Throughout her 15-year career, Davis has committed herself to serving the underserved in tech, an industry notoriously lacking in diversity and is using her knowledge of employee engagement to shift the conversation from “culture fit” to “culture add” at Indeed.

Along with other initiatives led by Indeed’s various inclusion resource groups, the company is spearheading the effort where everyone, no matter their background or color, can succeed in the workforce.

To learn more about Indeed’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, check out the company’s website here

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