With the racial injustice happening in cities across the country, people are demanding for brands and public figures to make their views clear on our current social climate.

As one of the first beauty brands to publicly support the Black Lives Matter movement, Glossier has pledged a total of $1 million to Black resistance causes and Black-owned beauty brands in the wake of the recent violence against Black people brought on by police.

The beauty company issued a moving statement on their social media platforms to show their support for the Black community during this time.

“We stand in solidarity with the fight against systemic racism, white supremacy, and the historic oppression of the Black community,” the post reads. “Backing up this solidarity with monetary support, Glossier will be donating $500k to organizations fighting racial injustice including Black Lives Matter, The NAACP Legal Defense, and Educational Fund and the Marsh P. Johnson Institute.”

To further show their solidarity with the movement, Glossier pledged an additional $500,000 to Black-owned beauty brands in the form of grants. They’re slated to release more details on that initiative later this month.

Glossier’s incredible pledge was met with much applause from users on social media and has strengthened the integrity of the brand.


Users on social media even took this as an opportunity to call out other brands, organizations, and celebrities who have been quiet on their views.

Glossier set a high standard for financial pledges across the board and forced others to step up and show their support for the cause as well.

According to Refinery29, beauty brands like Biossance and Sunday Riley have committed to showing their support financially as well, proving the impact of Glossier’s efforts are leading the charge for change.

Along with their powerful statement and pledge, Glossier also shared the #JusticeforFloyd petition, the #TonyMcDade petition, and the #JusticeforBre petition on behalf of Breonna Taylor, as well as more helpful resources and accounts to follow on their Instagram story.

For other brands looking to be an ally, Glossier — and other brands like Nike and Target — are great examples to follow. Now is not the time to stay silent. If we want real change, we have to make sure our voices are heard, and hold those responsible for these injustices accountable, for their actions.