For many people, skyrocketing to superstardom is the one sure method to level up financially. And society loves a rags to riches — or at least modest means to well-to-do — story. With many music artists flaunting a lifestyle that most can only dream of, it is not surprising that turning to rapping or singing can fast track a person into a higher tax bracket and ultimately make them wealthy. 

While it still requires hard work and determination to get there, many rappers are the modern version of the American Dream. Working hard and constantly striving for better, over time (or sometimes in meteoric moments) they become household names with hefty bank accounts to match. One such success story is GloRilla, a female MC that burst on the scene in the late 2010s and shows no signs of slowing down. Find out more about Glorilla’s current net worth and how she earned it. 

From The Church To Rapping

Like a lot of music artists, GloRilla got her start in the church. She was born Gloria Hallelujah Woods in July 1999 in Memphis to a middle class family. Her story might seem unconventional for people used to the general hard knock life origins usually attributed to rappers. But along with singing in the church, she was also homeschooled for several years before later graduating from Martin Luther King College Prep High School. She also hails from a large family, being the eighth of 10 children born to her mother. 

While singing was her original passion, she switched tracks and focused on rapping after losing her voice. Her cousin helped her pick her original stage name, “Big Glo.” In 2019, she released a mixtape titled “Most Likely Up Next,” followed by the official first and independent EP, “P Status” the following year. Inspired by Chief Keef, GloRilla is categorized as a crunk and trap artist within the Hip-Hop genre. While it did not chart, the response to her indie EP resulted in getting signed with Yo Gotti’s CMG record label, which is part of Interscope Records. 

Still, in GloRilla’s short career, her hard work is paying off and has netted her several award nominations. Specifically, in 2022 she was nominated at the American Music Awards (AMAs) for Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist and the BET Hip Hop Awards for the Best New Hip-Hop Artist. In 2023, she was nominated for the Best Song of the Year with “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. She won the Best New Hip-Hop Artist title at the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards. Meanwhile, she was crowned the coveted XXL Freshman of 2023 title. 

GloRilla’s Net Worth

As of the time of publication for this article, GloRilla’s net worth is currently estimated to be between $800,000 and $1 million. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of her wealth comes from musical earnings. While specifics for royalties earned aren’t available, touring also adds to the bottom line. For example, in 2022 she performed during Art Basel (Miami Art Week) and then earlier in 2023 she was a headliner at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

More importantly, GloRilla’s meteoric rise within the rap industry also translated to endorsement deals. For example, she’s the narrator for the “Big Memphis” commercial on behalf of the Memphis Grizzlies. Because GloRilla relied heavily on social media to build a name for herself, this avenue continues to be a profitable one for her. Thanks to a large social following with over 700,000 subscribers on Youtube, it is estimated that she earns as much as $10,000 from ad monetization just by playing her music videos on the platform. 

Keep Looking Forward

Much of GloRilla’s rise to the top is attributed to her music going viral — particularly on sticky social networks like TikTok. In particular, her track “F.N.F. (Let’s Go),” produced by HitKidd helped to propel her into the spotlight as a serious rapper worthy of notice. Meanwhile, Her other song, “Tomorrow 2,” that featured Cardi B solidified her as a serious female MC after it rose within the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 rankings. Other impressive collaborations include working with artists such as Saweetie, Latto, Duke Deuce and more. 

At just 24 years of age, GloRilla is clearly a rising star with plenty of potential to achieve even more as her career progresses. From collaborations with other A-list rappers and artists to future endorsement deals, the future is bright for this Memphis crunk rapper.