Epic Games, which operates Fortnite, is set to get creators paid.

The interactive entertainment company has launched Creator Economy 2.0 to distribute 40 percent of Fortnite’s net revenues to eligible creators who publish games in Fortnite, according to a blog post.

“In other words: Epic builds and sells Fortnite cosmetics, often working with third-party IP owners to bring their work into Fortnite,” the blog post writes. “Starting March 1, 2023, Epic began reserving 40% of that revenue to distribute it based on the engagement created by eligible island publishers’ creative work, both yours and Epic’s. In this way, Epic will further reward creators for their creative work in Fortnite.”

During Epic Games’ State of Unreal keynote on March 22, Saxs Persson, Epic’s Executive Vice President, shared that Fortnite rakes in billions of dollars in revenue per year from purchases of outfits and items from its in-game shop, according to The Verge.

“Payments from the pool are based on the performance of the island. We take into account data like island popularity, engagement, retention, attracting new players,” Persson said, according to the outlet. “There’s no need to design cunning monetization loops or extractive gating items. You make an island that players love; that’s all you need to be part of the new economy.”

As aforementioned by Persson, the engagement payouts are based on engagement metrics. Player popularity is described as “islands that attract new players and re-engage lapsed players signal an experience that Fortnite players love.” For player retention, it’s “islands where players return day-to-day and week-to-week indicate compelling gameplay.”

Creators that are considered eligible for engagement payouts must be 18 or older and have Fortnite accounts that are at least 90 days old. What’s more, Epic has launched a new Fortnite creator portal for gamers to have access to tools to build their community and brand.

To learn more about Epic Games’ Creator Economy 2.0, click here.