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Epic Games To Distribute 40 Percent Of Its 'Billions' In Fortnite Revenue To Eligible Creators

Epic Games, which operates Fortnite, is set to get creators paid. The interactive entertainment company has launched Creator Economy 2.0 to distribute 40 percent of Fortnite’s net revenues to eligible creators who publish games in Fortnite, according to a blog post.

Ngozi Nwanji

Mar 23, 2023

LeBron James And Maverick Carter's SpringHill Company Reaches $725M Valuation After Sale Of Minority Stake

AfroTech previously reported that LeBron James had a brewing financial venture in the works surrounding entertainment brand SpringHill Company. Now, the speculation is over as the company has revealed it has closed a minority stake sale to a consortium of investors reaching a valuation of $725 million, Variety reports. Investors in James’ SpringHill Company — founded in 2020 by the NBA GOAT and Maverick Carter — include Nike, Fenway Sports Group, Epic Games, and RedBird Capital Partners. “Maverick and LeBron have created an impressive media content platform led by a creative leadership team that has built a unique mission-driven brand,” Gerry Cardinale, founder and executive of RedBird, said in a statement. “Our partnership with SpringHill should enable us collectively to optimize that mission with scalable capital and a business building mentality that will continue to elevate more diverse voices and a drive towards greater empowerment.” With the new investment, SpringHill Company...

Samantha Dorisca

Oct 14, 2021

Fortnite Held A MLK 'I Have A Dream' Experience And Failed To Prevent Issues Like Whip Cracking Emotes

The online game phenomenon, Fortnite partnered with Time Studios to create a reimagined Martin Luther King, Jr. museum. Players were able to teleport to Washington D.C. in 1963 where they could migrate between Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall to experience Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. The event reportedly included museum-inspired points of interest and collaborative mini-game quests. “These activities progress players through the experience and bring to life important themes of Dr. King’s speech: we move forward when we work together,” Fortnite shared in a press statement. The “March Through Time” experience is reportedly Fortnite’s second attempt to provide an educational platform to its users. The online platform launched “We The People” in July due to the heightened tension stemming from George Floyd’s passing. The event led to inappropriate behaviors from players who took advantage of the built-in features provided by Fortnite. Epic’s CEO & Founder Tim...

Samantha Dorisca

Sep 1, 2021

Epic Games Is Giving $100M In Grants To Developers For Its Unreal Engine

Epic Games — the makers of Fortnite — just announced its newest grant program to help fund developers, entrepreneurs, and educators who use its Unreal Engine. The grant could be a great chance for black game developers and techies to get their names out there. According to a Nielsen study , more than 70 percent of African Americans are likely to start gaming. However, this group is has a dismal population in the developer community. Another study by the International Game Developers Association said that the game development industry isn’t necessarily a welcoming a place and more than half said they witnessed or experience inequality on the job. Epic Games is extending the grants to a wide variety of professionals in an effort to enhance various industries. “There are many ways to build something incredible in or around the UE4 and 3D graphics universe,” Epic Games said . “For example, 3D digital creation tools, and learning materials about UE4 such as books, lesson plans, and...

Arriana McLymore

Mar 21, 2019

BlocBoy JB Sues Epic Games For Dance Emote

Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, has another lawsuit coming its way as rapper BlocBoy JB sues the company over the use of its “shoot” dance emote. The rapper’s dance became popular throughout 2018, and he is now joining a list of artists who want compensation for the use of their dances in Fortnite. BlocBoy JB is the fourth entertainer to sue the company over its use of dance moves in its emotes. 2 Milly, who popularized the Milly Rock; Russell Horning , the teen whose “floss” went viral; actor Alfonso Ribeiro and Lenwood ‘Skip’ Hamilton have all sued Epics games for using their likeness in its video games. Although more entertainers are beginning to seek legal action, the lawsuits are entering tricky territory. There are copyright laws that protect choreography, but no specific laws that protect specific dance steps. Fornite’s procedures in coding the dance moves will also be a major factor in the lawsuit. Fortnite has hundreds of millions of users and brings in a massive amount...

Arriana McLymore

Jan 24, 2019

Another Viral Dancer Is Suing Epic Games

Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, has another lawsuit on its hands from a performer who said the game stole and is profiting off of his dance moves. Russell Horning, the teen sensation who went viral last year after posting his”floss” dance on social media, is suing Epic Games and Take-Two Interactive with the help of his mother. Epic Games is the maker of Fortnite and Take-Two Interactive makes NBA 2K. Horning alleges that both games profit from his dances and use it unfairly. Fortnite has hundreds of millions of users and brings in a massive amount of money. The game has made over $1 billion since 2017 and in July, Fortnite began selling emotes that gives its characters dances. The lawsuit is the latest in a string of litigation over the creative rights of dance moves presented in the gaming industry. Since the beginning of December, rapper 2 Milly , actor Alfonso Ribeiro and Lenwood ‘Skip’ Hamilton have sued Epics games for using their likeness in its video games — 2 Milly and...

Arriana McLymore

Dec 19, 2018

2 Milly Is Suing Epic Games For Using His Dance In a Fortnite Emote

Rapper 2 Milly, who popularized the “Milly Rock” dance, is now suing Epic Games for the use of his dance moves as a Fornite emote. Labeled “Swipe It” within the game, Fornite began selling the emote in July. The emote was available as an unlockable feature when players purchased the seasonal Battle Pass add-on. The lawsuit comes after various celebrities called the game company out for appropriating and monetizing off of other people’s dance moves. “Fortnite should put the actual rap songs behind the dances that make so much money as Emotes,” Chance the Rapper said in a tweet. “Black creatives created and popularized these dances but never monetized them. Imagine the money people are spending on these Emotes being shared with the artists that made them.” The lawsuit becomes tricky because there are copyright laws that protect choreography, but no specific laws that protect specific dance steps. Fornite’s procedures in coding the dance...

Arriana McLymore

Dec 7, 2018

Epic Games, Parent Company of Fortnite, Hits A Value Of Over $15 Billion

Epic Games, the creators of game-craze Fortnite, has hit a valuation of over $15 billion. The company said more than $1.25 billion in stock was purchased by new investors last week. These investors included e-sports owner aXiomatic, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Walt Disney Co. Fortnite garnered international attention when it began offering its free mode but continued making money by selling virtual costumes and dance modifications to its players. Analysts say the shooting game has been losing gamer attention since the summer, but its parent company, Epic Games, will be fine in the long run. The e-sports industry is gaining more attention as more professional athletes, celebrities and former professional gamers are investing money in these companies. Drake and Michael Jordan both announced they are now investors in two separate e-sports ventures as well. Epic Games is also known for creating Gears of War and developing software that helps others make video games.

Arriana McLymore

Oct 29, 2018