Bessemer Venture Partners has tapped Elliott Robinson to lead growth equity investments in enterprise software and cloud computing technology.

Robinson’s experience with BLCK VC — a firm focused on Black investors and founders — and technology-centered investment fund, M12, makes him ideal for his new Bessemer position. Robinson said working with Bessemer is ” a dream come true” via Twitter.

“Now, more than ever, the best companies have a ton of options when choosing their venture capital and growth equity investment partners,” Robinson told Afrotech.

Robinson said that he has learned many lessons throughout his time working in venture capital, but that maintaining a good reputation is one of the most important ones.

“I’ve found that your reputation, value add, and what others say about you as a VC will always be more important than your brand, social media following and what you say about yourself,” Robinson said. 

Robinson says founders aren’t only basing their decision solely on valuations anymore, and VCs need “a strong set of core values and a commitment to work relentlessly” for clients.

Bessemer currently has 15 global partners that can lead growth investments up to $200 million. The firm  — which funds companies like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Yelp — said that hiring Robinson will help it “support growth stage companies even more fully.”

“We aspire to work with disruptive companies as early as possible and to support these companies throughout their full journeys ahead,” Bessemer said in a statement.