The iconic painting from “Good Times” is owned by one of the culture’s favorite comedians, and you’ll never believe how much he paid for it.

Who Owns The Painting?

That’s right, the legendary Eddie Murphy managed to get his hands on the portrait many years ago, thanks to the late Marvin Gaye’s estate.

“I have that painting,” Murphy told Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on his late night television show.

Murphy also cleared up any confusion that he has sold the iconic piece of art.

“The duplicate of that painting just sold at Christie’s for like $16,000,000,” the “Boomerang” actor explained. “I have the real one.”

"The Sugar Shack"

As previously reported by AfroTech, the duplicate of “The Sugar Shack” painting sold in May of 2022 for a whopping $15.3 million.

Not only did Gaye have the original copy that now lies in the hands of Murphy, but he used the painting — created by legendary artist Ernie Barnes — on the cover of his 1976 album “I Want You.”

While the estimated bidding rate for the replica was $200,000, the $15.3 million surpassed that and sold for 27 times higher than any of Barnes’ previous sales.

“I stole it — I would have paid a lot more. For certain segments of America, it’s more famous than the ‘Mona Lisa,’” Bill Perkins, the hedge fund manager, and entrepreneur who acquired the artwork previously told The New York Times.

How Much Did Eddie Murphy Pay For The Original?

Although the price tag for the replica was worth millions, Murphy reveals how much he paid for the original, and let’s just say, it’s far less than what the duplicate went for.

“I think I paid $50,000 for that picture,” Murphy recalled. “After Marvin Gaye passed away, I bought it from his estate.”

When Kimmel asked the comedian if he was rich, he cheerfully responded with, “I got that painting.”