Twitter may have one of its most interesting and intriguing users in legendary singer Dionne Warwick. From her bio (or lack thereof) to the banner photo on her profile, the Grammy award winner has an uncanny way of keeping her followers engaged.

While the singer’s social media antics may entice people, Warwick’s tried, true, and iconic music career made her a household name.

Officially named Marie Dionne Warwick, the American vocalist was born on Dec. 12, 1940, in East Orange, NJ. Music was always in sight as her mother led a gospel music group, and her father was a gospel music promoter. So, it is no surprise that she started singing at an early age in church. From there, she started a gospel group of her own and gained the attention of Scepter Records through associated tours and performances.

On this label, she released her first single — “I Smiled Yesterday” — in 1962. After her initial success, Warwick continued to record songs over the next few decades like “I Say a Little Prayer,” “Anyone Who Had a Heart,” “You’re Gonna Need Me,” and “Walk on By.”

Throughout her career, Warwick amassed much success with five Grammy wins and has over 100 million records sold. She was also recently nominated to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which she “doesn’t give a d-mn” about.

Her multiple-decade career allowed her to earn a net worth of $500,000, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Although her life is impressive, Warwick not only makes her mark on music and culture, but the outspoken New Jersey singer also started a family and gave birth to two sons, David and Damon Elliott.

“I have always encouraged and supported them with anything they wanted to do,” said Warwick, according to Closer. 

Here is how these two men followed in their mom’s footsteps and made their marks on music.

David Elliott

David Elliott was born in 1969. A native of East Orange, NJ, David is an American songwriter. He penned Luther Vandross’ 1989 hit single, “Here And Now.”

Damon Elliott

Damon is the younger brother born in 1973, but his line in the family lineage isn’t an indication of the music career he’s had.

His production credits include works with artists like Macy Gray, Solange Knowles, Bone Thugs-Harmony, and more, according to All Music.

Warwick’s youngest son did not stop at producing music. He also has worked as a background singer and songwriter.