Throughout history, the world has been introduced to many people with the “it” factor. While it may not be possible to articulate exactly what “it” is, it’s a beautiful combination of talent, influence, likeability, and authenticity. Some of the people described this way are Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Denzel Washington, and Tina Turner.

And when it comes to sports, one of the names sure to come up as having “it” is Deion Sanders. From his multi-sport professional career to his captivating personality, fans have admired Sanders for years. But this star power wasn’t by happenstance — it came from hard work, dedication, and faith.

Sanders was born in Fort Myers, FL, and began his sports career early in life across several sports, eventually attending Florida State University as a decorated athlete. His collegiate career would land him a spot in the NFL and the MLB. Simultaneously playing in both professional leagues for several years, Sanders completed 270 solo tackles, five forced fumbles, and 53 interceptions as a cornerback for the NFL, mainly with the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys.

For his MLB career, Sanders would play for four teams as a left fielder with a .263 batting average, 39 home runs and 168 RBIs. His athletic prowess would transfer off the field, with him releasing two rap albums, making guest appearances in movies and television shows, starring in his own reality TV series, and working as a sports analyst.

With a diverse and wide-reaching career, all of Sanders’ work would earn him an estimated fortune of $45 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

As the 56-year-old’s career evolved, he would go on to work as a football coach. His first position was at the high school level with the school he co-founded, Prime Prep Academy. Sanders then coached at the collegiate level with Mississippi-based HBCU Jackson State University (JSU).

While his exit from JSU was met with mixed emotions and responses, his current role as head coach at the University of Colorado Boulder proves why he is known as “Coach Prime.”

The Colorado Buffalos went from being off everyone’s radar to having sold-out games, weekly celebrity appearances, and an early winning record. Although this success is noteworthy, Sanders takes pride in his ability to coach, bond, and work with his children.

Sanders’ children have followed in their father’s athletic and influential footsteps in some capacity, but they are making their own waves and forging their own paths. Here is how Coach Prime’s children are upholding the Sanders legacy.

Deiondra Sanders

Deiondra is Deion Sanders’ oldest child and oldest daughter. With career experience as a director of communications and time spent in client relations, her LinkedIn profile states that she has worked in the sports business and entertainment industry. According to her Instagram, she is also filming the show “Growing Forward.”

The 31-year-old is an avid supporter of her father and a social media influencer, partnering with brands such as KFC and Meshella Rose.

Deion Sanders Jr.

A former Southern Methodist University football player, Deion Jr. is a social media expert. The 29-year-old is also doing “something that no other college football program is doing,” according to USA Today. He’s “building an audience” for Colorado’s football and his father’s coaching journey with behind-the-scenes access through his brand, Well Off Media.

Shilo Sanders

Shilo is a current defensive player for the Colorado Buffalos. He has played for his father throughout his high school and college career, including Jackson State.

At 23 years old, Shilo is establishing a name for himself as a senior safety but tapping into the business side of the sport with NIL deals with KFC, Oikos, and Actively Black.

Shedeur Sanders

The 21-year-old Colorado Buffalos quarterback is the team’s current star, sparking talks about his future NFL career.

The Tom Brady mentee has an impressive NIL roster of deals. According to a previous AFROTECH report, Shedeur has the highest NIL valuation among NCAA football athletes. Since that writing, his valuation has gone up to $5.1 million and includes his signing with Gatorade as its first HBCU player during his tenure with JSU.

Shelomi Sanders

Shelomi is the youngest Sanders sibling and is currently enrolled at the University of Colorado, playing for its women’s basketball team after transferring from Jackson State.

The 19-year-old also rides the NIL train, joining Meta’s NIL Empower 3.0 program.