This is proof yet again that the children are indeed alright.

According to WJCL-22 in Savannah, GA, 16-year-old Darrel Bryant is set to graduate from high school, St. John Academy, a year earlier than he initially anticipated. 

What’s more, Bryant has always had a love for learning and helping others. At the age of 11, he wrote an anti-bullying book titled “The Flower Nerd.”

“I’ve known him since seventh grade,” recalled St. John Academy teacher Janice West. “I was excited for him (when they announced his early graduation). Yeah, he deserves it. He’s worked hard and he deserves to leave early.”

As of Nov. 3, Bryant has received 17 direct college admission offers as well as scholarships that total $600,000.

Schools on that list include Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, The Savannah College of Art and Design, and a host of others.

Maintaining a GPA of 4.0 and serving as an honorary member of The National Society of High School Scholars, Bryant’s mindset is unlike anything his mother, Shyann, has seen before, she says. He often encourages and motivates those around him as well.

Bryant’s cousin and tutor, Tywana Barnes, agreed adding, “He’s always had that mindset to just always just to be a go-getter. Always wants to do more, always wants to go above and beyond. Being average has never been a part of his character.”

Bryant credits his hard work to his desire to always have a positive influence on others.

“I want to be able to create an image for myself that shows who I am to others,” he said. “I want to inspire other people to do great things.”

He continued: “You just have to make goals for yourself and just don’t mind what other people say. ‘Oh, you can’t do that. You can’t do that.’ Yes, you can. Don’t let others degrade you or discourage you from your goals.”

Outside of his studies, Bryant also enjoys playing video games, spending time outside, and making stop-motion videos.

For the young soon-to-be graduate, the sky is the limit.


“Anything is possible, just as long as you put your mind to it,” Bryant said.

Following graduation in December 2023, he has plans to attend Savannah Technical College where he will study aircraft assembly before deciding where he will go to obtain his degree.