The art of the side hustle is working out in a huge way for this couple. 

According to Good Morning America (GMA), Anthony and Jhanilka Hartzog managed to pay off $114,151 over the span of two years thanks to those extra streams of income. They set a goal in 2017 with a plan to pay off their debt in whole by Jhanilka’s 30th birthday and the couple delivered.

Ballin' On A Budget

After the realization that they were in over their heads when it came to those finances, the couple decided that the best bet was to set a realistic budget that accounted for literally everything.

“There is a restaurant budget,” Jhanilka said, according to GMA. “There’s our entertainment budget. There’s a transportation budget. The dog has like $150 a month. He has to have his own budget.”

The Beauty Of Passive Income

Not only did the Hartzogs map out a strict budget, but the pair also looked for other ways to bring in income.

“We increased our income as much as we can,” said Anthony. “It’s like, well I’m getting a free gym membership at a high-end gym. I’m getting paid to be here.”

He and his wife took an extra job at their local gym and even turned to various phone apps to build up their side hustles to draw in more dough.

From the peer-to-peer car rental service, Turo, to a dog-sitting company, Rover, both of them were taking on additional jobs to meet their goal of becoming completely debt-free.

“Since I work from home it was just easy,” Jhanilka said. “And our dog was pretty shy around other dogs, so it made him more comfortable.”

The pair even started a cleaning service, Maids 2 Match, to create more ways to bring in money.

Jhanilka, 31, is a licensed mental health counselor and Anthony, 33, is a director for a New York-based IT firm. Both knew that they wanted to do things for income outside of their 9-to-5 jobs — so they did, and clearly, it worked. 

In December 2018, the Hartzogs met their goal just 23 months after starting and paying off their $114,151 in debt. Thanks to their unique spending habits, they could even buy a new car and pay it off within one year.

Now that they remain debt-free, the plan is to travel the world with their sights upon places like Brazil, Greece, and Morocco for this year.