After signing with New Balance at just 14-years-old in 2018, Coco Gauff can now flex even further with her own sneakers.

The New Balance Coco CG1

Forbes reports that the tennis star has announced her debut sneakers, the New Balance Coco CG1, with one of the leading sports footwear brands — making her the second tennis player to be releasing a current signature design.

“It’s an absolute dream come true to be able to put my stamp on this sport with New Balance and hopefully inspire generations to come,” Gauff says. “I am really excited to see how people wear this shoe, on and off the court.”

The recent unveiling of the new shoes shows a vibrant array of colors, which the Florida teen notes of the ‘90s design. Confirmed by New Balance, there will be two colorways named “Pompey” and “DigiCoco” — inspired by her hometown tennis courts where her journey began.

The New Sneakers' Technology

What’s more, the shoes feature Energy Arc technology, which is “a carbon fiber plate that interacts with the softer FuelCell foam, all encased in rubber with strategic midsole voids to ‘allow the carbon fiber to spring back to give energy you need for marathon matches you might be playing.'”

“I love to be explosive on court, so the new Energy Arc and FuelCell combination gave me a super responsive feel that was comfortable and felt super light,” Gauff said. “I honestly feel like it is going to help my ability to hit high balls and stay fresh.”

She continued: “This style, was meant to offer the best in tennis technology but be able to be worn off court as well. Popularity would be great, but I’m really hoping it can encourage kids to strive to be their best in whatever they love on and off the court.”

The Launch Date

Gauff’s sneakers are set to release on Aug. 26 for $170.

According to Gauff, this is just the beginning of what she has to offer to the market.