She’s not new to this, she’s true to this!

Founder and CEO of The Mane Choice, Courtney Adeleye is a natural go-getter. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan — which she calls her foundation — is the place where she learned “if one door doesn’t open, there’s always another opportunity.”

The wife and mother of three built her hair brand from the ground up through her own curiosity and specialized knowledge base.

She joins AfroTech’s Black Tech Green Money podcast host Will Lucas to discuss the home-based-hobby that’s now grown into a multi-million dollar business, how she’s using her own insight to help others, and gives advice for people like herself who are trying to scale their own businesses within the beauty industry.

As a graduate of the University of Michigan and a registered nurse by trade, she used her background and expertise in science to hone in on the ingredients and products that would produce the best results to help many other women improve their own hair health.

“I think it’s important to stay true to where you started,” shares Adeleye.

She explains that for her, it has always been about staying true to her business as a whole, its products, and ways to expand that doesn’t jeopardize or change what her brand stands for.

This means she does not believe in allowing manufacturers to come in and switch up her products, adding chemicals or things of that nature. Adeleye credits her experience as an RN for her ability to figure out how to mix and test things that would grow Black women’s hair.

Adeleye has realized that once you’ve reached the amount of success that she’s been able to achieve thus far, it is nothing without reaching to help others — which she does through her unique Masterclass.

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“Success is not a one size fits all,” she said.

According to the founder, each class is a one-on-one opportunity with a client because what they need may be different from what someone else may need. Adeleye stands on the fact that the only way she can truly help others is not through a pre-recorded lesson, but by sitting down and talking with people individually rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

When asked about advice for those who are looking to scale their business by venturing into the retail space, Adeleye gives this word of advice: “The best way to think about getting into retail is to not think about getting into retail.”

For more on just what she means by this statement and how you too can seize the opportunities ahead of you to scale and grow your business, listen to the full episode of the Black Tech Green Money podcast below.