CapitalG has promoted three Black leaders.

The independent growth fund of Google parent company Alphabet — CapitalG — connects entrepreneurs with portfolio leaders to overcome the hurdles of scaling. 

“We are CapitalG, Alphabet’s independent growth fund. We invest in companies that have established product market fit and are ready to scale. To date, we have over $3 billion under management supporting businesses including CrowdStrike, Lyft and UiPath,” the company’s website states.

As CapitalG looks to broaden its impact, nine leaders, including three diverse hires, have been promoted.

Sadasia McCutchen, Growth Vice President

Sadasia McCutchen’s journey with CapitalG began in 2019 as a growth lead from Google’s People Operations organization.

Now serving as CapitalG’s growth vice president, McCutchen will spearhead initiatives to CEOs, founders, CapitalG’s executive team, and the firm’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EID) advisory practice.

“When COVID struck, I immediately saw an opportunity to connect with the companies we’ve invested in by building communities that the executives could rely on for support, guidance, and peer mentorship. I always say that audacious goals require a tribe, and I’ve sought to build that for our companies while supporting their goals and missions,” McCutchen told AfroTech.

She continued: “More importantly, at a time when many women of color find themselves struggling to get a seat at the table, I am the person creating the table, curating the menu, and inviting people into the space. I’m so proud to be a tastemaker in the building of thriving business communities.” 

Brian Osimiri, Associate General Counsel

Brian Osimiri joined CapitalG in 2019 as senior counsel, playing a key role in the firm’s venture capital investments, IPOS, mergers, and acquisitions. As Osimiri transitions to associate general counsel, he will be responsible for overseeing relationships with legal and financial advisors and lead strategy and support for CapitalG’s incoming financings, IPOs, and acquisition exits, according to the company’s website.

“I’ve enjoyed these past three years at CapitalG getting to work on so many exciting financings, acquisitions, and IPOs. We had six IPOs last year alone, including blockbusters like UiPath, Duolingo, and Freshworks. It’s an honor to get to work with such a talented team, including my manager and mentor Jeremiah Gordon, general counsel, and chief compliance officer, as well as so many leading legal and financial leaders across Google, Alphabet, and the broader tech sector.”

He continued: “I’m super excited about this promotion because of the new challenges that I will be taking on and the growth opportunities that will be presented to me through this new role.”

Jackson Georges Jr.-Growth Partner

With four years under his belt with CapitalG, Jackson Georges Jr. has propelled its portfolios forward by creating scaling opportunities through strategic partnerships.

“Working at CapitalG has been a dream come true for me. I am able to do the two things I love the most: advise amazing entrepreneurs and startups while increasing representation and access for underserved groups. Leadership is a gift and skill, and I am excited to grow in leadership and in service at our firm and the companies we invest in,” Georges said.

Wearing his new hat as CapitalG’s growth partner, Georges will manage its portfolio companies to support onward scaling.

CapitalG's Onboarding Team

Capital G will also welcome Jesse Wedler (General Partner), James Luo (Partner), Xiaoping Feng (Staff data scientist), Jamie Rosen (Investment VP), Jeremy Zhu  (Investment VP), and Nina Gerson (Investment VP).