Gone are the days of compliance assessments that go on for hours thanks to ByteChek, a technology startup that just announced a $3 million seed round.

According to a press release, ByteChek is a Miami-based cybersecurity compliance startup that has announced plans to enhance their all-in-one compliance automation solution for Service Organization Control (SOC 2), HIPAA, and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 compliance assessments. 

“Over the years, we’ve seen an increasing demand for automated solutions to solve compliance problems,” said ByteChek CEO and Founder, AJ Yawn, in an official press release. “We’re going to continue to lead the charge to simplify compliance and bring a solution to the market that doesn’t involve multiple providers and complex processes. ByteChek’s automated platform is ushering a new era of compliance automation.”

The Startup

ByteChek was launched during the pandemic in November 2020 and currently has eight employees with reports that have increased its customer base by more than 40 percent in the last two months.

The mission of the platform is to help organizations, of all sizes, assess their position on cybersecurity and to prove compliance faster. ByteChek’s systems equip companies with the resources needed to not only establish their security program but to automate their readiness assessment and complete the SOC 2 and other cybersecurity audits a bit faster all while using one platform.

The Funding

In the latest seed round, led by Authentic Ventures, ByteChek raised an oversubscribed $3 million seed round, which Yawn says came from “majority Black investors.” 

“I raised $3M from majority Black investors. We got us!” Yawn said via Twitter. “This is the evolution #BlackTechTwitter. We help each other get jobs, we help each other build companies, we support each other, we build each other up, & we write the check.”

In addition to Authentic Ventures, Concrete Rose Capital, Level Up Ventures (Hearst), Black Venture Capital Consortium, Miami Angels, and Black Angels Miami also participated. Plus, key individual investors that participated in the round included Nick Caldwell, Kimberly Marshall, Tom Stocky, Omri Dahan, Chris Singleton, Malcolm Robinson, and a host of others.

With the new funding, ByteChek will be able to expand its current team by the double digits and will focus on hiring engineer leaders as well as product professionals. 

What's Next?

The company will expand automated features for cybersecurity frameworks, including enhancing its all-in-one SOC 2 offering.

ByteChek has also made it a priority to improve its HIPAA and ISO 27001 software solutions.