Two brothers are on a mission as the latest Black business owners in Houston!

Ricardo “RJ” and Ian Wilson founded Day 6 Coffee Company with a name that stems straight from the biblical word of God, according to The Houston Chronicle.

“On the sixth day, God gave us coffee and so much more,” said Ricardo, reports Chron. “Although plants, trees, and animals were created on the third day, God actually ‘gave’ us those creations when he created us on the sixth day. And the sixth day is said to be when God finished his creations.”

This divine salute within the company’s name goes deeper than that because the brothers share that they have another sibling now watching over them as a guardian angel.

The brother’s late sibling Aaron Wilson had a passion for cooking which led RJ and Ian to venture into the restaurant industry. Opening the establishment was an ode to Aaron and his love for food.


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“This is kind of for him,” Ian told The Houston Chronicle. “We know he’s always with us, that’s kind of what got me into baking. It was a way to kind of connect with him.”

Although Day 6 opened its doors back in November, they already have loyal customers who are in love with its popular Texas Lattes, brisket, and boudin breakfast offerings.

Day 6 also supports local artists whose work is displayed throughout the shop.

For more information, visit their website.

Editorial Note: This piece has been updated since initially published.