Fearless Fund’s commitment to supporting Black women-led brands remains strong.


In July 2023, the venture capital firm led a multi-million dollar seed funding round for the haircare brand, Bread Beauty Supply (BREAD), that provides essential, basic products for not-so-basic hair.


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How BREAD Is Changing The Haircare Industry

“We have so many different sides as a brand that comes together to answer pretty much anyone’s prayers when it comes to what we want from haircare,” BREAD Founder, Maeva Heim, disclosed to AfroTech via email. “Products that are easy to use and straightforward, yet with hardworking formulas that are anything but simple. A texture-first approach to who we make products for, but pretty much all of our lineup works for everyone. A tone of voice that feels natural and quirky, because it’s just an iteration of how our community and team communicates.”

With the company’s latest funding round, BREAD aims to use the funding toward research and development as well as new product launches, distribution, and marketing.

Additionally, the goal is to continue the brand’s “commitment to diversifying and simplifying the textured hair space.”

Working With The Fearless Fund

“I’ve been familiar with Fearless Fund for many years and was lucky enough to be introduced through one of our existing investors,” said Heim. “The fund focuses on investing in companies founded by women of color and is one of the very few funds that I think is really walking the talk when it comes to its support of diverse founders. They’re incredible partners and I feel extremely fortunate to have their backing in BREAD.”

While Heim says the most rewarding part of growing BREAD from the ground up is the feedback from customers, she also spoke on the challenging parts of being an owner in a space filled with various options.

“When people tell us that what we’re doing means so much to them, or that our products have changed their hair and how they approach haircare, all of the challenges are worth it and then some,” she said.

Heim continued, “The most challenging part is definitely trying to stay ahead of the curve. We’re a brand that really prides itself on paving our own path in a category that has been quite stale, so that means staying ahead of trends or really bringing something to the table that other brands aren’t doing. I heard someone say the other day that time moves fast, but beauty moves faster, and I think that’s very true.”

What's Next?

In the next five years, BREAD has a mission to be a powerhouse brand, impacting lives across the globe.

Additionally, for Heim and team, the goal is to have a lasting impact on the way Black and brown women are represented in the media. And of course, they want to be included in the daily routines of women around the world.